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My Pure Imagination

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Artist, writer, and music-lover, I love heavy music that you can feel in your bones and keeps the world out while writing, I'm working on making a dragon that stands the same height as I do, and I have a hundred different ideas clamoring to be heard inside my skull. Feel free to step into my worlds, and see some of what goes on inside my twisted little head.

My favorite pairings are Giles/Ethan, off BtVS, and Charles/Erik, although I haven't actually written anything about them. My guilty pleasure is a well-written Charles/Erik werewolf fic.

I have two children with feathers(Tobias and Fang), two children with fins(Raven and Flame), one with eight legs (White Hart), and about 15 blank canvases that I'm toying around with. I probably break every rule when I paint, but I get some really interesting things out of it.

Anyway, that's me. Catch you in my worlds.